1. Can I edit my personal information?

    Yes, you can. You can login to your account at any point in time and edit any of the information in the personal details section. For changing Name, Phone.No, Pan No., and Bank details, you need an approval from the admin dept.

  2. Do I need to fill my full details?

    It is mandatory for every registered user to provide details like full name and mobile number due to strict regulations by our payment processing company and Banks. Rest assured these details are highly confidential and stored in a very secure manner in our database. Your account security is our top concern and priority.

  3. I don't remember my password. How do I proceed?

    On the Login page, there is a "Forget Password" link. You will get password to your registered mobile by submitting Mobile No. in forgot password Panel. You can also change your password through your registered mobile by sending an sms.

  4. I can't login to my account?

    If you are facing difficulty in logging into your panel, it could be due to the following reasons: Credentials could be wrong. Your account must have been deactivated if you have not given a correct Mobile number. Kindly logout of your goallrecharge account and re-login. There must be a blank space in your id or password field. Forget Your Password: You can get password to your registered mobile number.

  5. What happens if the Recharge is successful but I do not receive it?

    Service Providers / Operators generally process your Recharge immediately and you will receive the Recharge instantly; however, in exceptional cases where you do not receive the Recharge within 5 minutes, please note that it may take the Service Providers /Operators up to 24 hours to process your Refund. In case you do not receive the Refund after 24 hours, please get in touch with customer care, www.goallrecharge.com

  6. The transaction says Under Process. What do I do?

    Under Process means that your recharge is in line to be processed by your Service Provider / Operator. As soon as your recharge is processed, we will update the status (Successful or Failed) depending on the response of the Service Provider / Operator. In case your transaction status changes to Fail, your money will be refunded back to you.

  7. My account has been debited, but the transaction failed. What do I do?

    Don’t worry, your money will be refunded within 24 hours, if you don’t receive, raise a dispute with your transaction details through online or from your registered mobile (Format available at the goallrecharge.com site.

  8. How to claim for the refund in case of an unsuccessful transaction?

    If your recharge is unsuccessful and the money is debited from your account, the amount will be refunded to you within 24 hours of your complaint registered with details of your req.no. And Transaction. Number. through online or by way of sms from your registered mobile through prescribed format.

  9. Whom to contact if I don't get my refund for unsuccessful transaction?

    You will get the Refund Amount, if any such case happens, send us the details through our customer care support panel.

  10. Do you charge extra fees for Recharges?

    Absolutely not! We do not charge any extra fees at all.

  11. What happens after a transaction is successful?

    A transaction is successful, you will get the benefits, and you will see the history in order.

Mode of Payment

  1. All Members / Dealers must use their best efforts to promote goallrecharge.com business and provide bonafide supervision of their Group. This should include ongoing contact, communication, encouragement and support, etc.
  2. Once the business is through, all incentives / commissions / gifts which the GOALLRECHARGE.COM business will be entitled to, shall be paid to the Members / Dealers as per the GOALLRECHARGE.COM’s Business and Marketing plan. Whatever the benefits a Member / Dealer gain, the income amount will be paid to him/her after deducting TDS and Administration Charges as applicable from time to time. Earnings of a Member / Dealer will be paid leave to E-Wallet in his/her Web Account.
  3. A Member / Dealer can liquidate his/her E-Wallet balance by utilizing the services present in the Company Business, like Transferring Recharge Amount to other GOALLRECHARGE.COM Members/ Dealers E-Wallet, Purchasing of Pins for new joining, Recharging Mobile Currency etc., and also can Withdraw the balance amount of E-Wallet by Online transfer to your bank account.
  4. Further when a Member’s / Dealer’s E-Wallet exhausts and he/she wants to use the services of the Company Business, he/she can upload his/her E-Wallet by transferring amount from other GOALLRECHARGE.COM Member’s E-Wallet by paying upfront cash to them, or by paying upfront cash in any Regional Offices, Branches / Customer Care centers and Exclusive Franchise Outlets of GOALLRECHARGE.COM or by depositing upfront amount through FUND TRANSFER / RTGS / NEFT / CASH direct to any Company’s Bank Account. Below mentioned are the Company’s Bank Accounts and their terms for the convenience of the Members / Dealers of GOALLRECHARGE.COM
  5. This is not a Payment Gateway. Money from your account will not be transferred automatically from your account.

    1. For every Deposit transaction you have to fill this payment information.
    2. Two transactions cannot be clubbed and filled in single information. (For eg: If you deposit Rs.5000 in our ICICI account and after some time again you deposit Rs.7000/- in the same account, then you have to enter both the transactions separately)
    3. You have the option to scan and upload your deposit slip to speed up the process for crediting your funds to your Add Funds/Load request. In case we don’t receive your funds then you have to send a scanned copy of your deposit slip for verification with our Bankers, if your mobile number is not entered in bank remarks or if the company asks for confirmation of your payment.
    4. Important Note: If you submit this payment information without depositing the amount in the bank, then you I.D. will be blocked permanently with immediate effect.
    5. We will verify your payment details and add funds into your wallet within 3 hours.

  6. Steps to be followed at the time of depositing direct cash in company’s account:
  7. 1. If you are depositing direct cash in the company’s account, you will be charged Rs.50 for all the cash transactions below Rs.5000/-

  8. IF you are depositing cash to any of our bank account, while depositing please request the Cashier of the Bank to kindly enter your Mobile Number and Name in front of Cash deposit, it will help us to track your amount easily. While collecting cash, cashier used to enter in the computer only as By Cash; if you request him definitely he will enter your Mobile Number and Name for which you want that amount as E-Wallet balance. And if you are transferring Funds through Net Banking, while transferring there will be a Remarks field to enter some text, there on Remarks field please enter only your Mobile Number and Name on which you want that amount as E-Wallet balance.
  9. GOALLRECHARGE.COM Members can Transfer Amount through Net Banking to any of the below listed Banks on all Bank working days from Monday to Saturday between 10.00 PM to 8.00 PM, Transfers received after 8.00 PM will be processed on the next working day after 10.00 AM. After Verification and Clarification, all Net Banking Transferred Amount will be processed and uploaded to the concerned Member’s E-Wallet within 1 hour of the receipt of Net Banking Transfer on every Monday to Saturday, no Net Banking Transfers will be entertained on Sundays, however the Net Banking Transfers received on Sundays will be processed and uploaded to the concerned Member’s E-Wallet on the next working day which is on Monday by 10.00 AM. At the time restricted for Uploading of E – Wallet against Net Banking Transfers is 1 hour of the receipt of transfer every day, all Members who Transfer Amount through Net Banking has to wait for 1 hour for the transferred amount to be uploaded to their E-Wallet.
  10. GOALLRECHARGE.COM Members can Deposit Cash to any of the below listed Banks on all Bank working days from Monday to Saturday before 3.00 PM, however Cash Deposits received after 3.00 PM will be processed and uploaded to the concerned Member’s E-Wallet on the next working day.